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“The Light at Tern Rock” Is A Fun Read You Can’t Miss!

Good day, young readers!

Summer is moving along, and I hope  you are finding many fun adventures along the way! Time with old friends, making new friends, and enjoying the time out of school. If you are looking for something other than video games to help fill your days, consider joining the summer reading program! You get to read and find brand new book friends along the way!

This month we are reading “It Came From Beneath The Bed” by James Howe. We have read a few of his books before, and while we haven’t finished the other series, this new series promises to be just as fun as the last one!

Next month we are going to dive into “The Light At Tern Rock” by Julie Sauer. It was a Newberry Honor winner, and it is a fun, short read! I hope you enjoy it! Are you ready to read?

The Light At Tern Rock Book Blurb from Goodreads.com:

Ronnie and his aunt are tending the Tern Rock lighthouse while the keeper takes a vacation. Ronnie loves living in the lighthouse, and looks forward to telling his family about it at Christmas. But will lighthouse keeper Byron Flagg return in time for Ronnie and Aunt Martha to make it home for Christmas?

The Light At Tern Rock