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To busy to read!? Never!

Summertime is a time for being busy and outdoors. Finding time to read can be rather hard to do when you are on the move all day long. But one of the biggest problems in finding the reading time is for kids. When they are active and on the go, it can be hard for them to want to sit and listen to a book. When they are active, let them be active! Kids use their imaginations to learn just as much as playing.


I have never found a way to get my kids to sit through an entire chapter of a book without some movement, so I finally gave up, got some props and now most of the time they are acting out the stories as we read them. Whether we are on a fishing boat, the Titanic, or sword fighting, by listening to the story and engaging in play, they are learning! Not only are they learning, they are listening to the story that you are reading them. It is a win-win situation!

Now, you might be wondering what this does for you! Now that you have given your kids another idea for play, and they are off playing King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, you can grab your own book and read away while they play. This is the perfect time to be planning those summer reads, and maybe even setting a challenge for yourself. Whether you want to read one book or twelve this summer, you can grab some time, no matter where you are.


Most people today use smart phones of some sort, have a tablet, or an e-reader. All of these are easily stuck in purses or carried in backpacks. So when your kids start bugging you to take them to the park, grab a book and tag along! Not only are you working on that summer tan, you are getting an hour or two of reading in, all while the kids play under your supervision. You might prefer real books over e-books, and that is okay too! If you are close to finishing one book, take along another just in case you have more time than you thought. Finding those few spare moments a day can really help to fill the summer with a great book or ten!


Plan your trip to the bookstore or the library today! There are some great adventures for kids and adults just waiting to be discovered. If you are stuck trying to figure out what to read, check out the MMS Book Club reading list. These are the books that we have already done, and if you have not read them all with us yet, there are some great ones just waiting for you to crack them open!