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Treasure Island – Week 2

It is time to weigh anchor, and sail away on a grand adventure! Jim Hawkins is off on his first real adventure of his life, and loving the differences between being at the Admiral Benbow, and the openness of the sea. The crew is a little rough, but the stories and songs are flowing, much as the same as when the captain was staying at the Admiral.

As the voyage goes on, it seems to be going rather smoothly, that is, until one night when Jim overhears Long John Silver and Israel Hands planning their mutiny aboard the ship. The men are apparently getting restless, but Long John Silver wants to wait till they are closer to home before presenting their mutiny, as he wants to be sure that they are on the right bearings before dumping the Captain. The pirates also want the treasure map, but as none of them know where it is, they have to bide their time. Jim is able to warn the Captain, Doctor and the Squire before it happens, so they have some inkling of the approaching danger.

As they near the island, the pirates are getting testy, and needing some time off the ship, and the Captain gives them permission to go ashore. Jim slips into the boats along with the pirates, thinking he won’t be seen, but before they make shore, Long John knows that he is there. As soon as they get to shore, he takes off running to get as far away from the group as possible, and along his ramblings comes across Benjamin Gunn. He was marooned on the island three years earlier by Captain Flint, but will he be able to help Jim and his friends?


This week we are reading Chapters 10-18


  1. Do you think it was wise for Jim to go on the journey?
  2. Should the Captain have had a better watch on the crew, especially as he did not trust them?
  3. What do you think of Benjamin Gunn’s story?
  4. Would you sail away on a pirate adventure?