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All Quiet on the Western Front – Week 4

While guarding a small village that has been deserted, the small group of soldiers makes the most of what they find in their surrounding areas. Mattresses, food, and a decent nights sleep. But an added bonus just happens to wander by, in the form of two pigs. As they cook their food and prepare for a glorious feast, the village is still taking hits. They quickly run for their bunker, of course taking the food with them, and as they lay low, are able to fill their bellies to the brim.

This idyllic life does not last forever, as they are soon recalled back to the front. As they move back to the front, they take their poster bed with them, and then begins the sad life back at the front. Food is not as good as they were becoming used to, and the danger is ever lurking. Shortly after their return, Albert and Paul are both injured and removed to a hospital where they can receive proper care and then be returned to their unit. Albert loses his leg, and Paul has some broken bones. As they recoup, they are put into a room with several others, and a form of camaraderie quickly forms. As they move through the days, Paul is able to get up and move around, but Alfred cannot move, and so Paul moves to the hallway where he can move a bit more and not feel guilty. As his bones finally heal, he is recalled to his regiment. He says goodbye to Alfred and moves off.

As the men dwindle in number, they know it can only be a matter of time before there are no more men, no more weapons, and nothing more that they can throw into the war effort. Paul is not sure how long they can last, but they know that an armistice MUST be coming….

This week we are reading Chapters 10-12


  1. What does this story bring to you?
  2. Did you find yourself becoming closer to any particular character?
  3. Did you enjoy the book?


This was a hard book to blog! As the story moves through, you find yourself drawn in, but how can you write those emotions into words? There are times that words cannot do justice to a story that has been written, especially one as honest as this one. This is a different book than what we have done before. Its raw, honest, and a side of young boys going through something that will define and shape them through the weeks, months, and years ahead. Some were lucky to go home. Most were not. Friendships were formed quickly, but there was reserve there. You  might be willing to share what you have with the stranger next to you, but only a real friend is someone you would risk your life for. This story is a bit of a “coming of age” and the first hard times that these young boys really know.  It has been claimed to be the greatest war novel of all time, and once you finish and sit back and look over the story, you can see how this really draws out the young man, and forms the hardened foundations that could follow him through the remainder of his life.