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Beat Cold and Flu Season with Tylenol

Cold and flu season has set in once again. This time of year can be brutal for kids and adults alike. When it comes to beating the crud, we want fast relief! When kids get sick, parents want to ensure that they get the best of care. When we see our littles in any kind of discomfort, we want to fix it as soon as we can. Tylenol has always been our first choice when it comes to go-to medications.

Every time my son gets sick, he asks for the “feel good” medicine. We, of course, want to make them feel better, so mom pulls out the Tylenol! Tylenol is my go-to medicine for everything! I had hip surgery several years ago after an Army injury, so I make sure to keep Tylenol on me when we head out. From hiking with the Boy Scouts to family events and activities that we have going on, and headaches that can spring up from nowhere, Tylenol just makes sense. The rapid release tablets are amazing, and you can start to feel relief quickly. Tylenol is the all-around coverage that keeps a person running and feeling their best! I keep a bottle everywhere! There is one in the car, in my purse, backpack for outings, and at least four stashed strategically around the house.

There are some fabulous deals on Tylenol at your local Commissary! Make sure you stock up while these hot deals are going on! Tylenol is a life saver for everyone! From the ages of 0-105, Johnson & Johnson is fully committed to your family! From coughs and colds to flu and more – Johnson & Johnson has something for everyone! Check out the Johnson & Johnson page for even more great savings and products that will keep your family running 100%.

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