Champagne Cocktail with Pomegranate & Lime

HELLOOOO! It’s the last Happy Hour of 2017. I can’t believe how fast this year just flew by! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families. We definitely enjoyed our downtime. Today, I’ve got a great holiday cocktail that’s perfect for New Years Eve! I always like to toast in the new year with something bubbly and this year is no different. Celebrate 2018 with a pitcher of my Champagne Cocktails!

Champagne Cocktail with Pomegranate and Lime

  • Your favorite bubbly or sparkling wine. I love Moscato Spumante! It’s on the sweeter side and pairs nicely with the lime juice
  • 8 ounces of Pomegranate juice ( I recommend another bottle if you’re doubling the recipe!)
  • Pomegranate aerials. If you can’t find a fresh pomegranate, most stores sell the aerials in a tub. That means less work for you!
  • Lime juice, about 2 ounces. You can use fresh or bottled
  • Lime slices, if desired


This recipe is SO easy. You just add everything together in a pitcher or punch bowl! Add the pomegranate and lime juices first and top with the champagne. You can make these by individual drinks as well. Simply add a bit of the juice to your glass and top with the bubbly. This is great if you’re serving sparkling cider to underage guests or children! They can still have a fancy drink to celebrate.


Serve the champagne cocktail over ice and add some aerials and a slice of lime to the glass, if desired. The sweetness of the Spumante balances the tartness of the pomegranate and lime juices and it’s really quite refreshing and delicious. Perfect for ringing in the new year!


How pretty and festive is this cocktail? It’s so delicious, I hope you enjoy it this weekend!

As always, please celebrate responsibly. NEVER drink and drive. This blog is intended for guests at least 21 years old.

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Happy New Year!