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Crocodile on the Sandbank – Week 2

Amelia and Evelyn are not wanting to see Lucas in the morning, so they head out early trying to get a decent start on their journey. As they travel down the Nile, they are enjoying the scenery and the relaxation of being away from the bustle and hustle of Cairo. As they make their plans for their stops, one of the ones they are wanting to visit is the Armarna site, where the Emerson brothers are working.

When they get there, they are met with some disturbing news. Radcliffe Emerson is very sick, and Walter is very concerned about what will happen to him. Amelia sends back for her medical supplies and then follows Walter to where Radcliffe is laying. He is very ill and it takes all of them to subdue him enough to get some medication and water in his system. Amelia knows that there will be a crisis time, but if he comes through that alright, then he will recover.

While they are there, a mummy is found, and then mysteriously disappears during the night. It scares the workers who are digging at the site, and they refuse to come back to work. The mummy however is not finished with the site. He makes a debut appearance, where Amelia spots him. She is sure that she is dreaming, but when it happens again and Evelyn sees it, they know that there has to be something afoot. When they tell the Emerson brothers of the sightings, a plan comes into effect to capture the mummy. Each are given their positions and the wait begins. But when the mummy makes his appearance that night…

This week we are reading Chapters 4-7


  1. What do you think of the book so far?
  2. The strained relationship between Amelia and Radcliffe is almost amusing. What do you  make of their acquaintance?
  3. Why do you think wrappings were left outside the women’s sleeping arrangements?