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The Ghost of Cutler Creek – Week 4

When Allie and Dub go with the police officer to the Cutler Farm, they are surprised to find nothing there. But Dub notices that the barn smells clean.. to clean to be a normal barn. Mr. Cutler has threatened to file a complaint against the kids for continually for nuisance, and against Hoover, who he says is a menace. After nothing is found, he says he will not file the complaint if the kids stay away from his property. Allie and Dub are to stunned to say much.

Later than night, something awakens Allie, and she thinks Dub is waiting for her in the yard. Sneaking out of the house, she runs outside to meet him, only to find that it is LJ. He insists that he has something to show her, but she refuses to go along without Dub. Stopping to pick up Dub, they ride their bikes out toward the Cutler Farm. But before they get there, LJ makes them hide their bikes, and follow him to an abandoned factory where there are several dogs and puppies being held, including Hoover! With one mystery solved, its now time to get to the bottom of Belle’s ghost, and Allie has a hunch that she knows who its owner was.

As they gather the dogs, they must hurry before Mr. Cutler discovers what they are up to. LJ goes and gets the truck and slowly they begin to make their way toward town, when all the sudden Mr. Cutler is in front of them! After a brief struggle, they are free and on their way again. But LJ has one more surprise up his sleeve….

This week we are reading Chapters 16-20


  1. Did it surprise you when LJ decided to help Allie?
  2. Did you think that Hoover had gotten out on her own?
  3. What did you think of LJ’s confession?