Be SUMMER Ready with Neutrogena Sunscreen

Summer is fixing to be upon us! We are all excited to get outside and soak up the sun a bit more. But that means showing our skin in its natural state a little more, as we spend time in pools and on the beach. Adults are not the only ones to suffer from the sun, kids sunburn very easily as well. We look forward to that gorgeous tanned look, but don’t sacrifice your skin!

If your family is anything like mine – summer is the one time of year my house actually stays clean. We are outside so often that we don’t spend nearly as much time indoors. Between scouting, family vacations, fun with friends and other functions that we are involved in, summer is always busy. By the time we get home, my kids are to tired to do anything more than shower and head to bed. Spending eight to ten hours outside every day, means we get a lot of sun exposure. Sunscreen is one of the must have items that we keep in the house year round. Of course, we use more of it during the summer, but stocking up is vital to ensure that we have enough to last – and of course – stock in all the various vehicles and bags that we will be using!

I want to protect my kids, and their delicate skin, so I choose the best. I use the Neutrogena sunscreen line to keep our skin protected and looking fantastic! You can stock up easily from May 24- May 30 2018 at your local NEX! Save $1.00 on your favorite sunscreen! How awesome is that!?

Head in today and check out the fantastic selection that the NEX has for you! While you are stocking up on sunscreen, check out the other amazing Neutrogena items – from babies to adults, you are covered from head to toe! Slather the sunscreen on, get outside and have a FANTASTIC summer!