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Castle in the Attic – Week 1

William is devastated when he learns that Mrs. Phillips, the woman who has taken care of him for the last ten years is leaving. He is determined to think of anyway to make her stay, no matter what. While he plots and thinks, Mrs. Phillips has a surprise for him. When he comes home from school one day, she tells him that his present has arrived! While he impatiently waits for her to finish what she is doing before they head to the attic, he wonders what it might be.

She has given him a castle! It is a working castle, with pieces that move, and its own little knight to go with it. While William loves the gift, he is sad at what it represents. But he grows to love the castle more and more each day, all while still trying to figure out how to keep her around. When he goes to meet the little knight the first time, he is surprised at how life-like the soldier feels. Thinking he is dreaming, he pushes on the little figure only to see the arm move! Its alive! What a find! Now William must find a way to communicate with this small figure, and figure out why is he alive.

While William gets to know his knight, Sir Simon a little more, he becomes more cautious. He is even afraid to tell his best friend Jason about the knight. He is not sure that Jason would believe him anyway. He wonders if Mrs. Phillips knows that Sir Simon can come to life. She used to play with the castle all the time as a little girl. She has told him all the stories, and as much about the castle as she knows. Now it is William’s turn to learn about the castle and all the secrets that it holds.

This week we are reading Chapters 1-5


  1. Have you ever had a special figure in your life that moved away?
  2. If you had a little knight to take care of, what would you feed him?
  3. Do you think William should have told Mrs. Phillips about Sir Simon?