Treasure Island – Week 2

Share this…It is time to weigh anchor, and sail away on a grand adventure! Jim Hawkins is off on his first real adventure of his life, and loving the differences between being at the Admiral Benbow, and the openness of the sea. The crew is a little rough, but the stories and songs are flowing, […]

Veterans Day Poppy Wreath

Share this…Veterans Day is something we always celebrate in our house because we have so many family members near and dear to our hearts that have served, both in times of war and in peace. I guess a strong love for your country and the will to defend it runs thick in a bloodline, huh? […]

Treasure Island – Week 1

Share this…Life for Jim Hawkins is fixing to get exciting! One day a strange gentleman shows up at the inn that is run by the Hawkins family, and laying down some gold pieces, moves himself in. He makes a deal with Jim to keep his eyes open for a one legged pirate, and pays the […]

All Quiet on the Western Front – Week 1

Share this…Paul Baumer and his classmates enlist in the war effort at the beginning of World War I, as they move through their training and to their new units, we begin to see the dynamics that their friendships will play in war. Youth. These boys are not quite teens anymore, but not quite adults. They […]

Candied Apple Pie Cheesecake

Share this…Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie… Tis the season!!! But why does every other sweet treat have to have a bad rap right now? What if you don’t even [GASP] like pumpkin!? Or what if, like myself, you’re just plain tired of it? This Thanksgiving I say MOVE OVER pumpkin and […]

Share this…I don’t know about you, but I LOVE soup. It doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, I could always eat a delicious bowl. Luckily, it’s finally cooling off so it’s more acceptable to keep making soup. 😉 This red lentil soup is SUPER quick, easy, and very tasty. It’s warm and fragrant and […]

And Then There Were None – Week 4

Share this…The numbers on Soldier Island continue to dwindle, and now there are just four people left. Blore, Armstrong, Ms. Claythorne and Philip Lombard are the remaining prisoners. For isn’t that what they are?? While they continue to debate who the guilty party is, the question of the missing revolver comes about again. They have […]

Johnny Tremain – Week 4

Share this…The time for peace is over. Something is fixing to happen in Boston and the entire city is holding its breath. As the Sons of the Revolution begin to gather more information, Johnny does his best to keep his ears open and listen for what might be happening out in town. When Dove begins […]

A MUST This Fall – Foil Leaf Prints!

Share this…I have a confession to make. I was grabbing a few things from my garage and noticed a thick, decaying scent from somewhere on the far side. My initial reaction was panic, of course, because I was wondering what in the world!? Did something die in here?? Then I became frustrated because I couldn’t […]

And Then There Were None – Week 3

Share this…Three mysterious deaths so far, and the remaining guests on the island are beginning to eye each other with wild suspicions. While each of those remaining try to figure out who could be responsible, the fact that things are quickly spiraling out of control is something that they are not yet willing to face. […]