What are you Thankful for?

A simple tradition for Thanksgiving, besides the Turkey and all of the sides, is going around the dinner table and stating what you are thankful for this year. Each year this gets a tad more and more difficult for my home as we always invite single soldiers to join us for a home cooked meal. Each year, the numbers grow, which is fantastic! BUT to go around the kitchen table, at this point the living room too, would take so much time where hungry bellies may not have the patience to wait. So, this year, we wanted to recognize each of our “thankful” thoughts, and put them on display for our company to see! We still make a toast with everyone and if anyone wants to speak up and  state what they are thankful for, they do…but with this simple to do craft, we can enjoy a delicious meal and see everyone’s “thankful” thoughts!


what you need:

  • construction paper
  • leaf stencil
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • thread

what to do:

  • stencil out your leaves on construction paper.
  • cut out your leaves
  • Start writing out your thanks!
    • you can do this next part any way you wish! The way we did it, was as a family we wrote one thing we are thankful for, for each day of the month of November until we reach Thanksgiving! (as you see, we only have 8 thus far, but it’s going to look so full on Thanksgiving) You can have each member list a handful of thoughts so you can go ahead and have your garland done and not hanging a leaf every day. Whatever you decide, you will have beautiful decor AND can recognize everyone’s “thanks!”

  • Get to hanging! With thread, just loop it through the stem of the leaf and hang anywhere you wish! We put ours in our family room so that we can see them daily and so can any company we may have!

Anyway you and your family give thanks this holiday season, it is all special.

From our family to yours.